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After a decade of dealing with stones, the diamond world was ready for a shake-up, Jade has implemented 20 years of her experience in the  industry to design a covetable brand of ready-to-wear, refined diamond jewelry.

A New York City native, Jade is a self-identified 47th Street girl. It’s where she feels at home and it’s in her blood; it’s where the artistry of jewelry making starts and where her familial legacy began. Starting her career as a diamond buyer, Jade’s holistic understanding of the diamond sourcing process plays a pivotal role in how she discerningly selects her stones for each collection. While Jade is usually seen wearing a rotating collection of her designs, the one piece she never leaves at home is her loupe.

After years of experiencing traditional designs that eventually came to feel generic, Jade felt the jewelry world was in need of a new direction and started her own line. She often refers to the three great loves of her life: her twin teenage sons and her company, Jade Trau. Like with her children, Jade devotes the same care and nurture to her company and to each piece she creates. From the meticulous selection of her diamonds to the process of crafting the perfect setting to compliment them, Jade’s intimate connection with her designs allows her to tap into a unique market of fine jewelry - pieces that stand out, but still feel authentic; they are easy to wear and feel almost like a second skin. Jade’s philosophy is that diamonds are meant to be worn, and if they are not being loved, she aims to breathe new life into old designs with both her collections and restyling projects- especially those with stories embedded in them. Jade Trau is the new ‘diamond classic.’


Late 1800s

Jade's family legacy in diamonds began in the late 1800's in Antwerp, Belgium, the then epicenter for diamond cutting. 

Early 1900s

Chaim Trau, Jade's great grandfather gains recognition within the diamond trade cutting rose cut diamonds.

The difference between Brilliant-Cut diamond vs. Rose-Cut diamond is its bottom. A Rose-Cut Diamond has a flat at the bottom creating a larger surface area for the stone's brilliance.


At 19, Jade joined her grandfather's business, learning the art of diamond cutting at their cutting facility in the heart of the diamond district in New York City. She also traveled to De Beers headquarters in London and the diamond bourses in Belgium and Israel as she became a skilled diamond buyer.


In 2012, Jade founded her company, Jade Trau, a brand focused on crafting effortlessly cool and timeless pieces. Inspired by her ode to vintage designs and her extensive background in diamond buying, each diamond is carefully selected by the Jade Trau team, with the focus never wavering from the design itself. 


Jade launched her first-ever collection, the Celestial Collection, inspired by the storytelling designs of the ethereal constellation and then followed by the Forget-Me-Not Collection, created around forgotten heirloom treasures she collected over the years.


Jade designed a one-of-a-kind, custom diamond wrap bracelet for actress Olivia Munn’s 88th Academy Awards dressing. The triple wrap bracelet featured a single 12.06ct round, brilliant-cut diamond and a total of 21.7tcw of diamonds -- retailing at $740,000.


Jade won her first-ever ‘Best In Bridal’ Couture Awards for her Astor Engagement Ring Stack featuring her Astor II (containing a single center diamond hanging from a pave band) sitting perfectly next to the Astor Band (featuring an open concept stacking band, made with a perfect spot for the center diamond to sit in).


Jade launched the Penelope Collection defined by her playful approach to diamond setting and the Alchemy Collection created for four different archetypes and the diamond story behind each.


Jade first publicized her restyling projects with private clients and widely introduced her bespoke services to her followers, putting her name on the books for it. 

Some may call her the 'House of Jewelry Makeover.'


Another year, another award! Jade won ‘Best In Bridal’ Couture Awards for her contemporary engagement ring, the Selma Solitaire Ring, featuring a floating diamond setting in between two pave-knife edge band.

PS - this stunning style is now the best selling engagement ring at Jade Trau.


Jade visited the world's largest diamond mines, De Beers, in Botswana where her diamonds are sourced from.

There are 4 diamond mines in Botswana, Jwaneng (richest diamond mine in the world), Damtshaa, Letlhakane, and Orapa (De Beers' oldest operating mine and the world's largest open-pit diamond mine).

These diamonds mines are all open-pit which allow visitors to come and watch the diamonds being dug up and sorted through. All of the mines are employed by Botswana locals which helps support the community's economy (making up approx. 60 -70% of Botswana's revenue).


Jade launched a platinum series, the Harlow Collection, featuring designs inspired from the Art Deco era crafted in platinum which can wear beautifully over time.

After Harlow, Jade Trau launched a unisex collection, the Tatum Collection, crafted in her signature matte-finish and knife-edge touch that's catered to all of her men clients asking for wearable jewelry.


Jade launched the Victoria Collection, designed after the sentimental value of jewelry and the purpose behind gifting precious pieces. Named after Queen Victoria, who was popularly known for her collection of sentimental treasures.

In support of her Victoria Collection launch, Jade teams up with her childhood best friend, Elwyn New York, to collaborate in a special branded partnership of handmade Silk Scarf featuring designs from the Victoria Collection.


Jade Trau Gets Fancy! Jade launched a limited edition, one-of-a-kind collection, featuring her bestsellers restyled in colored and fancy shape diamonds.