Alchemy Archetype

Jade Trau transforms four classic diamond shapes into meaningful archetypes. Inspired by each diamond distinct design, Jade believes that each of the four shapes speaks to a part of a woman and her unique style. Each of the four shapes in the Alchemy Collection tells a story about the wearer.

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Creative. Intuitive. Compassionate.

The pear-shape series is a combination of free-spirited Maverick yet

embodies a classic Sophisticate to her... creating the woman who's:

creative, intuitive, and compassionate. 


Bold. Determined. Genuine.

Known for its distinctive shape, the emerald-cut diamond has

step facets that is one of its kind from her other peers.

She's the gal that steps the boundary and makes a bold statement.


Classic. Gracious. Loyal.

You can always count on the classic, Ms. Sophisticate. This round

brilliant-cut diamond is for the woman who loves elegance, simplicity,

and tradition all in one.


Adventurous. Independent. Spirited.

The marquise-shape diamond defines the woman who love to

be anything but ordinary. She independent, adventurous, and

loves to do things her way.