These are the bands that give your stack a unique identity. They make your stack look different from everyone else’s and define your look. The Personality Band allows each woman to get creative in their self-expression through jewelry. It’s a band, like the Clara, that will make your stack stand out.
This is the band you covet and long for...the lead actor. It’s the ring you aspire to own and when you do, you know your jewelry wardrobe has been elevated. A cornerstone piece that you can keep building upon for a lifetime.
Worn to guard and accentuate your anchor band. These are the diamond stackables that add that extra sparkle to your stack. Your original wedding band that turned into a filler when you finally got your Guardian Band. These are the bands that let you play with color, either with diamonds or with gold. You may own more of these than you wear on the daily, but changing them out regularly recreates your entire stack look.
A derivative of the classic look and part of your everyday stack, but stands out definitively. This piece compliments all the other bands on your finger and layers effortlessly. It’s the signature of your stack.
An opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Change up your go-to stack by adding a piece like the Courier Band with inverted black diamonds. Your secret style muse. This band reminds you to dare to be different by implementing something out of the ordinary.
This is the ring that your grandmother wore. The one you bought on vacation in the whirlwind of romance. The one you remember your mother wearing every day. The one that may be dinged up and worn but with love…an honest band, each scratch telling a story…a perpetual reminder and documentation of life…a physical journal worn on your finger.