Neck Mess

When it comes to creating the perfect neckstack, we follow the "organized chaos" method religiously. While it might seem a little daunting to try and perfect a "neck mess" that still looks intentional, don't stress- we've created a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the look. 
1. Start with smaller pieces
You should first look to add smaller diamond pieces like the Small Vanguard Necklace and the Penelope Heart Necklace to anchor your neck stack. This will provide some delicateness to your other pieces. 
2. Get Personal 
Add a personal touch to your stack by incorporating customized and one of a kind pieces like our Nameplate Necklace or engravable pieces like the FOB Key Charm. This makes your stack feel extra special and like it's uniquely yours. 
3. Play with length 
Try getting creative with your chain lengths with pieces like the Betty Long Necklace and the Penelope Station Necklace to add dimension and organization to your stack. The different lengths will help create a flow to your neckstack and will make it easier to wear.