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Diamond Basics

Everyone loves a diamond. Men love the feeling you get giving one, and ladies love receiving them as a gift. But how much do you really know about the most popular gemstone?  

Diamonds formed approximately 100 miles below the surface of the earth, millions of years ago. There you can find the extreme pressure and high temperatures necessary to forge this gem. A diamond is only gemstone made up of one single element- carbon. The molecular alignment of these carbon atoms is what makes a diamond so hard.  That is why a diamond is a special gemstone, and graphite is soft and used for pencils.

It was the ancient Greeks we can thank with giving a name to this beautiful gemstone. To them it was known as ‘adamas’ – unconquerable. Since the stone was so hard, it could not be polished. It wasn’t until the 1300s that diamonds were able to be cut and polished. Jewelry was made for centuries using raw unfinished stones, as show in this ring almost 2000 years old. 

Diamonds were originally thought to come only from India, it wasn’t until the early 1700s that another source for diamonds was discovered. This was in Brazil. Antwerp was already a major European port, had become a trading and cutting center.This was solidified in 1866. A young South African farmer found the shiny rock by chance. When it was learned to be a diamond, people flocked to the area to start digging. This was the birthplace of DeBeers, and the global diamond trade we have today. Thanks to that bit of luck, millions of people are working around the globe. 

Science and technology advanced through the ages, and the ability to bring out a diamonds beauty was brought to life. The most popular shape among diamonds is the Round Brilliant.  Approximately 50% of all stones are cut to this shape. The rest are mixed between Emerald, Cushion, Pear and Marquise. Fashion trends of the times as well as the shape of the rough determine what is made. Next check back for more on how the cutting process happens.


A new year brings new goals, a new website and new jewelry.  As the in house gem geek at Jade Trau, once a week I will give you my take on trade happenings, noteworthy news and diamond insights. Everyone loves diamonds and each stone has a story to tell. Diamonds truly are the king of all gems and have been for 2500 years. Before we get into 2016, I want to share a few special stones that made headlines last year.


First, there was a 12.03ct Cushion Fancy Vivid Blue $48.5 million – *setting a world auction record for any gemstone price per carat at $4.08 million




5.18ct Radiant Vivid Pink $10.8 million.







In Botswana this year, the second largest  rough diamond in history was found.  At 1,111 carats it is about the same size as a tennis ball!



Stay tuned to see what emerges from this amazing rough stone.












2015 was a year of...

Rue Augusta Arch- Lisbon, Portugal

2015 was a great year. In the world of Jade Trau, we launched the Forget-Me- Not collection, re- launched our website, JadeTrau.com, did trunk shows nationwide and made many forward strides for the brand. Personally, I got married on June 20th at the Detroit Institute of Arts. I visited Portugal for the first time in 2015 and I highly recommend a trip to Lisbon & Comporta. (Pictured: Rue Augusta Arch in Lisbon, Portugal)

In the world of pop culture/politics/fashion... all I can say is a lot happened! Gay marriage became legal in all 50 states, Caitlyn Jenner became a woman, Donald Trump was front and center on our TV’s, Snapchat became THE social media channel of choice, the Apple Watch hit the shelves, Adele, Kylie and Kendall stole (some) of the spotlight from their older sister’s, #onfleek #squadgoals were used often, fringe, overalls, monochromatic reds, the shirtdress, blanket coats and box bags were in style, avocado toast seemed to make every menu, the Peloton Bike came out (maybe I’m late on this one, but it is definitely on my 2016 wish list), climate change proved to be real, and the Jade Trau Kismet bands were created and I can’t get enough of them!