As Seen On: Olivia Munn

88th Academy Awards

The Exceptional Diamond Cuff

One piece that set the red carpet ablaze this year was the stunning Forevermark by Jade Trau Exceptional Diamond Cuff boldly accessorising actress Olivia Munn’s 88th Academy Awards look. Accentuating the stunning piece is a show stopping 12.06 carat Forevermark Exceptional Diamond. Jade Trau gives us some insight as to the inspiration to the design along with the craftsmanship that goes into making such a masterpiece.

Q: What was your inspiration for designing this particular cuff?

A: I wanted to make a bracelet that was a true, stand-alone couture moment, and all about the beautiful contour of a woman's arm. I really love the “Rae” wrap ring that is part of my signature collection… just a subtle aberration from the classic solitaire, and yet it has a totally different, modern feel. I wanted to do the same thing with this bracelet. You see so many red carpet moments with women stacking all these incredible bracelets one on top of the other, which translates to a big look, but the beauty of the individual stones can get lost. Don't get me wrong, I love a good arm party, but this diamond deserved more than that!

Q: Did you start with a design concept or did you start with the diamonds and get inspired from there?

A: I definitely did not make any design decisions until I saw the diamond that was going to be the star of the piece, a Forevermark Exceptional Diamond, which is incredibly rare… one in one million. Then, it took some time to come up with a design that accentuated the beauty and brilliance of the stone without stealing any of its thunder. I love the way the Exceptional diamond just dips down towards the feels royal, like a tiara for the wrist.

Q: Why do you choose to work with Forevermark diamonds?

A: When I choose Forevermark diamonds, I know I am getting quality and integrity. Forevermark selects only the most beautiful and rare diamonds, and they are responsibly sourced. The comfort of knowing the supply chain, the direct mine to market guarantee, is pretty exceptional and comforting in an industry where diamonds can pass through many hands before ending up in yours.

Q: Tell us more about the piece- what materials and how many diamonds did you use to create the cuff?

A: The construction of the double wrap on a solid 18k gold cuff was the hardest part of this piece. I didn't want a flexible/coil-like bracelet because I feel that can look more casual. The cuff took about 40 hours of straight design work to get this piece to a point that it was ready to be worked on...then more than double that on bench to fine tune the angles of each turn and how each stone was set. So, a total of 120+ total hours to create the piece.